How Skillcey Courses Work

Skillcey courses are actionable, result-oriented, and are designed to teach real skills that can be used in the real world. Currently Skillcey offers IT & Digital skills-related online courses.

On Skillcey, students watch courses at their own pace, practice what they learned in different projects, and interact with each other. As an instructor, you are going to lead student’s learning experience, and this must be based on 2 main aspects.

1. Short and focused
Skillcey courses, on average, include 60-180 minutes of pre-recorded video courses broken down into short, digestible 3-10 minute video lectures. Instead of teaching a broad skill set or topic in one lecture, focus on one specific concept or skill per one lecture. This format results in a more engaging and easy learning experience.

2. Course project
On Skillcey, all courses include a small project. This project is designed to help students apply the skills that they learned during the course.