For a high-quality course, the right equipment is important. We use the word “right” to refer to something that is both affordable and user-friendly.

The first choice might be the built-in microphone in your computer or camera. But you will notice that recordings don’t sound as clear and crisp. This is why we recommend using a lavalier mic.

A lavalier microphone is a tiny, powerful microphone that picks up clear audio. This is the first piece of audio gear we always recommend! A lav mic can be purchased for as little as $15 and is both durable and simple to use. This BOYA mic (~$15) is a great choice and can be bought in almost any country. Make sure the mic you choose is compatible with smartphones or DSLR cameras in case you will make ” A Talking Head” videos.

Quality of the sound depends on more factors than just your mic. Here are a few recommendations.

  • Eliminate background noises such as A/C, loud clocks, fans, TV, open windows.
  • Choose a small space with little hard surfaces to minimize the risk of echoing. Try to soften your surroundings using carpets, pillows, blankets.
  • Warn your family members or roommates you’re about to record.
  • Make sure the audio output is set to stereo – otherwise, the sound would only come from one earphone or speaker.
Many smartphone manufacturers are now improving the cameras on their devices to the point that you can manually change white balance, lighting, focus, and other essential settings. If you have a smartphone that can record in HD, you should consider using it to create online courses! Use a tripod to hold the camera steady.
Make sure your video is in HD quality (at least 720p) with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and use the image stabilization feature wherever possible.
Natural light is important no matter what camera you’re using. The more natural light you have, the less artificial lighting you’ll need and, in most situations, the better your footage will look. When possible, shoot in places with plenty of natural light.
Editing the videos
Before you upload your video course to the platform, you will need to edit them a little. In this case we suggest you using video editing programs below or any other app available to you.