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8 Modules

21 Video Lessons

10+ Cheatsheets & Templates

Module 1

Your Career Roadmap

Stop worrying about how to start. This is where we map out your career goals and the roadmap to get there. We also figure out whether full-time, part-time, remote, or freelance suits your career goals the most.

Profile Creation


Program Strategy


Why Silicon Valley?


Module 2

Finding a Job in Silicon Valley as a Student

If you have not graduated yet but want to work in a big tech company then this is what you need. In this module you will learn how to get an internship in top tech companies or a remote job in a startup. Where exactly to find the job, how to apply, how to prepare for interview and much more! This strategy will ensure your success!

How to Get a Job Without Degree


How to Get a Job as a Student


Module 3

Find a Job in Silicon Valley as Graduate or Experienced

In this module, we will show you the strategy if you graduated and are looking for a full-time or a remote job for a company or startup. We will also share a secret method to find open job roles that no one knows outside SV.

Choosing the Right Company/Startup


A Secret Way to Find Job Offers in SV


Tracking Your Applications


Tracking Applications File


Module 4

How to Prepare Professional Resume

80% of applicants are failing because of their resume.

Resume is the main success factor. If your resume is structured in the wrong way, the recruiter will never invite you the the interview.
In this module we will share with you 3 PROVEN resume templates that work.

Once you send us your resume for a review in this module, you will be assigned a Personal Coach that will review your resume and will assist you until you get a job.

Preparing Professional Resume


Review of Resume Templates


Review of Your Resume (Send Us)

1 Day

Resume Template 1


Resume Template 2


Resume Template 3


Module 5

Passing Technical Interviews

ALL you need to know about the Hiring Process and Interview Stages in Silicon Valley companies & startups.

You will learn:

What topics to learn for a tech interview

How to prepare for a coding interview

How to solve coding questions using a special framework during interviews

What types of interviews to expect and how to pass them

The interview structure

What recruiter will demand from you at every interview stage

You will get Practice Interview Questions

Coding questions bank

After completion you will be 100% ready for any type of screening interview!

Hiring Process & Interview Stages in SV


Ultimate Technical Interview Preparation


How to Solve Coding Questions


Practice Interview Questions


Module 6

Getting Personal Contacts From Silicon Valley

Sometime it is better to get in touch with someone who is already working in a company to help you out. It is extremely useful if you want to create a network in Silicon Valley or to find an employee's email, for example recruiter's, so you can contact them directly.

How to Get Personal Contacts From SV


Use Only These Email Scripts


Module 7

Immigration Guide + Visa

When you will receive a job offer, you need to know how to start a VISA application process.

What VISA type you must choose?

What documents to submit to the embassy?

What documents your recruiter must send you for VISA application?

What questions are going to be on a VISA interview?

How to pass VISA interview?

The next important step is the salary negotiation. By negotiating your salary you can add up to $10,000 - $15,000 to your yearly salary depending on your experience level.

Salary Negotiation Strategy


Calculating Taxes & Net Salary


Complete Immigration Guide


Forms & Documents For Embassy


Module 8

Step-By-Step Guide For The Next Month

Now you have all the knowledge you need in order to succeed at all the interview stages, resume screenings and other important milestones.

We prepared a step-by-step checklist for you to make this process much easier and thoughtful.

Now is the time to take action!

Step-by-Step Guide For the Next Month


Personal Coaching Until You Get a Job

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Results of the program

You'll be prepared for behavioral interviews

We will review and prepare your resume

You'll be prepared for technical interviews

You will know where and how to search jobs

You'll know advanced job search strategies

You'll know what recruiters need from you

Ready to learn how to start working remotely for a tech company or startup?