Introduction to Javascript Programming

This course is an introduction to JavaScript, starting from the basics — syntax and variables — and progressively you will expand knowledge — conditional, arrays, loops, events.


Get started with an essential programming language to create interactive websites

JavaScript is considered the “third part of the web” and the programming language designed to add an interactive layer to any web page. Together with HTML and CSS they form the three most important programming languages.

It allows you to create dynamic and interactive websites that will impress everyone on the web.

You will understand what JavaScript is, what it works for and why it is one of the basic programming languages of the web, along with HTML and CSS. You will learn how to configure your code editor to work more comfortably and then you will see how to incorporate JavaScript into a website.

Your first interactions with JavaScript will involve variables, functions, loops, and events, which you will learn to write together with other basic complementary JavaScript functions.

Who is it for?

To anyone with an interest in web design and who has basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

What you need

You will need basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, in addition to a computer and a code editor.

More on Version Control & Git
Code Styles, Conventions & Syntax
"Shadowed Variables"
Mixing Numbers & Strings
Objects - Common Syntax Gotchas

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