Ultimate Career Development Program

How to Receive Remote Job Offers From Silicon Valley

Proven course developed in collaboration with tech recruiters that will help you to find a job, prepare for interviews and apply to big tech companies to receive a job offer or a remote job offer from anywhere.

4.8 98% positive reviews
2453 students
Skillcey Team By Skillcey Team

What you’ll learn

  • Technical interview preparation
  • Behavioral interview preparation
  • Framework for solving coding questions
  • Practice Interview Questions
  • Advanced job search strategies
  • Know the hiring process and its psychology.
  • Know what interview stages there are
  • How to get a job as a student, graduate or experienced
  • How to prepare professional application
  • How to structure your resume to be called back
  • How to get personal contacts from SV
  • Know salary negotiation strategies
  • Preparing your application and resume
  • Personal career counseling at Career Center
  • Your coach will review and prepare your resume
  • You will know where and how to search jobs
  • Job search assistance
  • Start searching for a job with personal coach
  • Apply to job postings that your coach provided
  • Personal career counseling

About the course

Here are the mistakes that 90% of applicants make when applying to a tech company or startup:

• They don’t know where and how to apply and contact companies
• Failing with a bad structured resume
• Don’t know what to expect on the online interview
• Thinking that they don’t have enough experience

What if you could get personal guidance that can make this process easier for you? In this career development course you will get:

  • Get personalized guidance from an assigned Coach
  • Get your resume reviewed and structured by Career Center
  • Behavioral and technical interview preparation guide
  • Get proven step-by-step strategy for tech career development
  • Learn where and how to search for open job roles
  • Get a job search assistance until you receive a job offer

How It Works

  • Enroll & Let Us Prepare You: Complete all 8 Modules with 21 video lessons, workshops, PDFs, and visual materials aimed to prepare you for behavioral and tech interviews. After, we show you everything you need to find and get a full-time job or a remote job in a tech company from anywhere.
  • Resume Review: Send us your resume for a review and fill out the application so we can know more about your career goals to assist you effectively. Your coach will review your resume and will send you a detailed feedback.
  • Career Center Feedback: You and the Personal Coach will work on structuring your resume as required by tech companies. After, you will discuss your personal career development plan (full-time or remote job).
  • Apply: Start applying to laser-targeted open job roles chosen specifically for you, using our resources with the help of Career Center.
  • Receive our assistance until you are invited to a technical interview.

Course Content

8 Sections • 21 Video Lectures • 3 hours

Section 1 3 lectures

Your Career Roadmap

3 lectures

Stop worrying about how to start. This is where we map out your career goals and the roadmap to get there. We also figure out whether full-time, part-time, remote, or freelance suits your career goals the most.

  • Profile Creation
  • Course Strategy
  • Why Silicon Valley?
Section 2 2 lectures

Finding a Job in Silicon Valley as a Student

2 lectures

If you have not graduated yet but want to work in a big tech company then this is what you need. In this module you will learn how to get an internship in top tech companies or a remote job in a startup. Where exactly to find the job, how to apply, how to prepare for interview and much more! This strategy will ensure your success!

  • How to Get a Job Without Degree
  • How to Get a Job as a Student
Section 3 4 lectures

Find a Job in Silicon Valley as Graduate or Experienced

4 lectures

In this module, we will show you the strategy if you graduated and are looking for a full-time or a remote job for a company or startup. We will also share a secret method to find open job roles that no one knows outside SV.

  • Choosing the Right Company or a Startup
  • A Secret Way to Find Job Offers in SV
  • Tracking Your Applications
  • Tracking Applications File
Section 4 3 lectures

How to Prepare Professional Resume

3 lectures

80% of applicants are failing because of their resume. Resume is the main success factor. If your resume is structured in the wrong way, the recruiter will never invite you the the interview. In this module we will share with you 3 PROVEN resume templates that work.Once you send us your resume for a review in this module, you will be assigned a Personal Coach that will review your resume and will assist you until you receive a job offer.

  • Preparing Professional Resume
  • Review of Resume Templates
  • Personal Review of Your Resume (Send Us)
  • Three Resume Template That Everyone Must Use
Section 5 4 lectures

Passing Technical Interviews

4 lectures

ALL you need to know about the Hiring Process and Interview Stages in Silicon Valley companies & startups. You will learn:

• What topics to learn for a tech interview
• How to prepare for a coding interview
• How to solve coding questions using a special framework during interviews
•️ What types of interviews to expect and how to pass them
•️ The interview structure
•️ What recruiter will demand from you at every interview stage
•️ You will get Practice Interview Questions
•️ Coding questions bank

  • Hiring Process & Interview Stages in SV
  • Ultimate Technical Interview Preparation
  • How to Solve Coding Questions
  • Practice Interview Questions
Section 6 2 lectures

Getting Personal Contacts From Silicon Valley

2 lectures

Sometime it is better to get in touch with someone who is already working in a company to help you out. It is extremely useful if you want to create a network in Silicon Valley or to find an employee's email, for example recruiter's, so you can contact them directly.

  • How to Get Personal Contacts From SV
  • Use Only These Email Scripts
Section 7 4 lectures

Immigration Guide. Visa. Remote working

4 lectures

When you will receive a job offer, you need to know how to start a VISA application process.
• What VISA type you must choose?
•️ What documents to submit to the embassy?
•️ What documents your recruiter must send you for VISA application?
•️ What questions are going to be on a VISA interview?
•️ How to pass VISA interview?
The next important step is the salary negotiation. By negotiating your salary you can add up to $10,000 - $15,000 to your yearly salary depending on your experience level.

  • Salary Negotiation Strategy
  • Calculating Taxes & Net Salary
  • Complete Immigration Guide
  • Forms & Documents For Embassy
Section 8 2 lectures

Step-By-Step Guide For The Next Month

2 lectures

Now you have all the knowledge you need in order to succeed at all the interview stages, resume screenings and other important milestones.
We prepared a step-by-step checklist for you to make this process much easier and thoughtful.
Now is the time to take action!

  • Step-by-Step Guide For the Next Month
  • Personal Assistance Until You Get a Job

Resume Review

Personal Resume Review Sessions

Inside the course we make sure your resume is the best possible by personally reviewing your resume, structuring it as required by top tech companies, giving you feedback, analyzing it for the particular position you are sending it to.

  • We'll share with you effective resume templates
  • You will learn what recruiters are looking for in your resume
  • In the end you'll have a professional resume that stands out from the rest

Who needs this course

The course was designed for all tech-related majors.

  • Students: You will know how to get your first internship or a remote internship in a company or startup.
  • Recent Graduates: This will help you searching for a job or a remote job way before your graduation. This is the perfect time to prepare and gain experience.
  • Experienced Professionals: Your salary could be much higher than it is right now if you would work for a foreign company or startup full-time or remotely. We will help you to upgrade your tech career and gain international experience.

Course Advantages

Learn and apply advanced job search strategies and be personally assisted by our Career Center.

Career Center

The Career Center will help you complete your resume, finding and applying to a job that suits you. We will organize a consultation with an IT recruiter who will answer your questions, help you tune into a job search, conduct a personal career counseling and much more.

Resume Review Sessions

We will help you to prepare and structure your resume for submission to different companies and startups. We will use effective resume templates that are recommended by recruiters.

Job search assistance

Once your resume is ready, we will assist you in the job search. We will answer your questions, help you tune in to a job search, prepare for interviews.

If you want to make sure your resume stands out from the rest when you apply for a job, there are some essential resume-crafting rules you must follow in order to succeed. Our guidelines will help ensure you get noticed among other resumes and get invited to an interview.

Our students are aiming for full-time & remote jobs worldwide. Below you can see average yearly salaries of the most popular job positions in tech according to Angel.co.


The average salary of a remote Software Developer.


The average salary of a remote Data Scientist.


The average salary of a remote Web Developer.


Samuel Dordelly

The Skillcey Team

This course was created by the Skillcey Team in collaboration with tech recruiters in order to share the best preparation practices and most effective job search strategies.



4.8 out of 5 | 2453 students
Tushar Bhala
Tushar Bhala

Tushar Bhala

Fantastic and very detailed lessons, learned a lot of new things. Without these strategies I would have made so many mistakes, now I know exactly what to expect on my interviews. My assistant helped me with my resume and gave useful insights. I'm a software developer and he helped me applying to remote jobs. Huge thanks to you guys! Wish I found this earlier

Glenn S.
Glenn S.

Glenn S.

As a programmer I got lots of job related tips inside the course. I learned how to present myself to a company. All my questions were answered. Excellent service and friendly team.



We would get personal coach for a resume review. Was given proper guidance and template for building the resume. I like that process and got reply back for all the mail.

Aakash S.
Aakash S.

Aakash S.

Just received my first online interview invitation yesterday! So excited! The content and the support available for this price is unbelievable. There are people out there charging much more for access to anything like this and I'm sure this is the best option. Thank you for the resume review and support!

Bikash Jena
Bikash Jena

Bikash Jena

I have been with Skillcey for just a few days and I liked the resume review. The team guided me to prepare a resume that is of International standards. I also liked the instant doubt resolution via email and be connected with me till now. I will recommend Skillcey to everyone out there be a fresher or experienced.

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  • A computer with access to the internet
  • Basic coding skills or a technical background

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

It's a pre-recorded video course with 8 Modules, 21 video lessons plus PDFs, text, and visual materials which take about 3 hours to complete.

When does the course start?

The course is 100% online and pre-recorded, so you can start the course and finish it whenever you want. You set the pace of the class. You can go back to review what interests you most and skip what you already know, ask questions, answer questions, share your projects, and more.

Is there a guarantee?

We offer a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
In the event that you have not been able to get any improvements from the strategies you implemented, contact our support team at support@skillcey.com within the first 14 days and let us know if you would like a refund.
We do not guarantee a job placement because every student has different skills, experience, and dedication.

How will I be assisted?

Once you submit your resume for a review in Module 4, you will be assigned a personal coach. Your personal coach will help you preparing your resume, finding and applying to jobs that suit your career goals. Your Personal Coach will provide assistance until you are invited to an interview.

When do I get the course certificate?

You'll get your personal certificate as soon as you complete the course. You can download your certificates and share them on your LinkedIn profile.

Is it available worldwide?

Absolutely, this course was designed for everyone, no matter where you live.

Will I have lifetime access to this course?

Yes! You get immediate lifetime access to all video lectures and course materials. You can enroll now and start later.