Python vs R: What to choose for Data Science in 2021?

What do the following have in common? Coca-Cola vs PepsiBMW vs MercedesPython vs R⠀Yes, these are competitors. And the pair of Python vs R is not accidental here, because these are the two main languages that are used in data science – one of the most popular areas of work today.⠀What are the benefits of […]

What is Deep Learning and why everyone is talking about it?

Deep learning (DL) is a subtype of machine learning, which in turn is a subject of artificial intelligence. It is a machine learning technique that teaches computers to do what is natural for humans: learn by example.⠀How does it work? In DL, a computer model learns to perform classification tasks directly from images, text, or […]

Golang programming language: Why should you learn it?

How many programming languages ​​can you name in 10 seconds? You’ve no doubt named Python, C #, C ++, Ruby. Today we want to tell you about a language that is not so popular, but worth your attention – Golang.⠀It is an open source lightweight procedural programming language developed in 2007 by Google. It is […]

Advantages of a Data-Driven Business

With recent growth and advances in modern technology, data-driven decision making has become an essential part of most businesses ⠀What meaningful improvements can a data-driven approach bring?⠀Continuous improvement⠀Most organizations are able to make incremental changes, track vital signs and make further changes based on results. This improves the overall productivity and efficiency of the business […]